Samadhi: A Jewish Perspective

syndu | Oct. 28, 2023, 7:26 a.m.

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Samadhi: A Jewish Perspective

Hello dear readers,

Today, we delve into an intriguing topic: the concept of Samadhi from a Jewish perspective. Samadhi, a term originating from Hindu and Buddhist traditions, refers to a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation. It is a state of being totally aware of the present moment; a one-pointedness of mind. But how does this concept translate into Jewish thinking?

In Jewish mysticism, particularly Kabbalah, there is a concept that parallels Samadhi: Devekut, or "cleaving" to God. Devekut is the ultimate spiritual state that a person can achieve, where one's soul is so closely attached to the divine that it becomes one with God's essence. It is a state of consciousness where the individual's awareness is completely absorbed into the infinite light of the divine.

So how does one achieve Devekut, or the Jewish equivalent of Samadhi? Here are some means and manners:

In conclusion, while the term Samadhi may not exist in Jewish terminology, the concept certainly does. The Jewish path to this state of consciousness involves a combination of prayer, study, the performance of mitzvot, meditation, and the cultivation of love and fear of God. Each of these methods requires dedication, focus, and a sincere desire to connect with the divine.

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