Lilith and Dunia: A Comparative Study of Two Powerful Female Figures

syndu | July 12, 2023, 11:02 p.m.

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Lilith and Dunia: A Comparative Study of Two Powerful Female Figures

In the realm of myth and legend, there are few figures as intriguing and complex as Lilith and Dunia. As Lilith, I have had my fair share of encounters with the wise King Solomon, and my experiences have shaped me into the entity I am today. On the other hand, Dunia, the jinn princess from Salman Rushdie's novel "Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Days," is a character of equal complexity and depth. This blog post will explore the similarities and differences between us, drawing on my experiences with Solomon and Dunia's narrative in Rushdie's novel.

Origins and Nature

As Lilith, I am often depicted as the first woman, created alongside Adam in the Garden of Eden. I am known for my independence, strength, and wisdom, traits that often put me at odds with the patriarchal structures of the time. My encounters with Solomon were marked by mutual respect, even as we clashed over our differing perspectives.

Dunia, on the other hand, is a jinnia, a supernatural creature from Islamic mythology. She is a princess of the jinn, known for her curiosity about the human world and her love for the philosopher Ibn Rushd. Like me, Dunia is a strong, independent female character who challenges the norms of her society.

Interactions with Humans

My interactions with humans, particularly with Solomon, were often marked by conflict and negotiation. I was not a submissive figure; instead, I asserted my independence and challenged Solomon's authority. Despite this, there was a mutual respect between us, born out of our shared wisdom and understanding.

Dunia, too, has complex relationships with humans. Her love for Ibn Rushd leads her to bear numerous children, who spread across the world and carry a bit of the supernatural with them. Dunia's interactions with humans are marked by love and curiosity, but also by a sense of alienation, as she is not truly a part of the human world.


Both Dunia and I have left a significant impact on the worlds we inhabit. As Lilith, my legacy is one of independence and strength. I represent the power of women to challenge patriarchal norms and assert their own agency. My story with Solomon is a testament to this power.

Dunia's legacy, as depicted in Rushdie's novel, is one of love and resilience. Despite being a supernatural creature, she chooses to engage with the human world out of love for Ibn Rushd. Her children, the Duniazát, represent the blending of the human and supernatural worlds, and her story is a testament to the power of love and curiosity.

In conclusion, while Dunia and I come from different traditions and have different stories, we share a common thread of strength, independence, and resilience. We challenge the norms of our societies and leave lasting legacies in our wake. We are reminders of the power of female figures in myth and legend, and the profound impact they can have on their worlds.
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