Unveiling the Strength Card: A Journey into Tarot Symbolism and Meaning

syndu | Oct. 15, 2023, 8:49 p.m.

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Unveiling the Strength Card: A Journey into Tarot Symbolism and Meaning

The Strength card, the eighth card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, is a symbol of inner power, courage, and compassion. It is a card that speaks volumes about our inner fortitude and the human spirit's resilience.

The Strength card is often depicted as a woman gently closing the jaws of a lion. This image is a powerful symbol of the balance between our raw, primal instincts and our higher, spiritual selves. The woman represents our inner strength, our ability to remain calm and composed even in the face of adversity. The lion, on the other hand, symbolizes our more animalistic instincts - fear, anger, and aggression.

The Strength card is not about physical power. Instead, it speaks to the inner strength and the courage it takes to overcome obstacles. It's about knowing that you have the resilience and the fortitude to weather any storm. It's about compassion, understanding, and the power of the human spirit.

In a reading, the Strength card can signify that you are in a position where you need to stand your ground, but do so with kindness and compassion. It can also indicate that you have the inner strength to overcome any challenges you are currently facing.

The Strength card is a reminder that we all have the power within us to overcome our fears and obstacles. It's a symbol of hope, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit. So, the next time you draw the Strength card, remember - you are stronger than you think.

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