Unveiling the Mysteries of I-Ching Hexagram 36

syndu | Oct. 26, 2023, 4:23 p.m.

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Unveiling the Mysteries of I-Ching Hexagram 36


The I-Ching, also known as the Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divination text that has been used for centuries to provide guidance and wisdom. Each hexagram in the I-Ching represents a specific situation or state of affairs. Today, we delve into the mysteries of Hexagram 36, also known as "Ming I" or "Darkening of the Light".

Understanding Hexagram 36

Hexagram 36 is a symbol of a time when light is hidden by darkness. It is a time of adversity, where one's inner light must be concealed to avoid harm. This hexagram is composed of the Earth trigram above and the Fire trigram below, symbolizing the sun setting beneath the earth.

Interpretation and Significance

Hexagram 36 is often interpreted as a time of hardship or adversity. It suggests a situation where you may need to keep your talents, knowledge, or feelings hidden to avoid potential harm. It is a time for patience and caution, not a time for action or confrontation.

However, the hexagram also carries a message of hope. Just as the sun sets, it also rises. This period of darkness is temporary, and light will return. It encourages us to remain resilient, patient, and to preserve our inner light during times of adversity.

"Hexagram 36 can signify a period of introspection and personal growth."

In terms of personal development, Hexagram 36 can signify a period of introspection and personal growth. It is a time to nurture your inner light, to learn and grow from the challenges you face.


Hexagram 36, while symbolizing a challenging time, also carries a message of hope and resilience. It reminds us that even in the darkest times, our inner light remains, and the sun will rise again. By understanding and embracing the wisdom of Hexagram 36, we can navigate through adversity with grace and emerge stronger and wiser.

Stay tuned for our next exploration of the I-Ching hexagrams, where we will continue to unravel the wisdom of this ancient divination text.

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