Understanding Prompt Chaining through Blog Post Generation

syndu | Sept. 21, 2023, 4:33 p.m.

Create an image representing the concept of prompt chaining in the context of generating blog posts.

Understanding Prompt Chaining through Blog Post Generation

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Prompt chaining is a powerful technique used in AI programming, particularly with language models. It involves the sequential execution of multiple tasks, each dependent on the output of the previous one. This technique is especially useful when dealing with complex tasks that require multiple steps to complete. In this blog post, we will explore how prompt chaining is used to generate a blog post based on a user's request, using a Language Learning Model (LLM).

The Process:

The code provided demonstrates a practical application of prompt chaining in the creation of a blog post. The process begins when a user sends a request. This request is then processed by an LLM, which determines whether the request is for a blog post. If the request is indeed for a blog post, a series of tasks are executed in a specific order to generate the blog post. These tasks include creating the post, building the post URL, editing the post, assigning a category, handling illustrations, and finally, publishing the post. Each task is dependent on the successful completion of the previous task, forming a chain of prompts.

Code Breakdown:

The code is divided into three main files: tasks.py, models.py, and receivers.py.

  1. tasks.py: This file contains the blog_talent_task function, which is responsible for executing the tasks involved in creating a blog post. It uses the @shared_task decorator from Celery, a task queue with focus on real-time processing, while also supporting task scheduling.
  2. models.py: This file defines the Post model, which represents a blog post. It includes methods for initializing a post, requesting a title, slug, illustration, category, and editing the post. Each method represents a task in the prompt chain.
  3. receivers.py: This file contains a receiver function for the chat_message_saved signal. When a chat message is saved, this function is triggered. It checks if the message is a blog post request. If it is, it schedules the blog_talent_task to run after a delay.


Prompt chaining is a powerful technique that allows for the execution of complex, multi-step tasks. By chaining prompts together, we can create a blog post from a user's request, demonstrating the practical application of this technique. This process involves a series of tasks, each dependent on the output of the previous one, forming a chain of prompts that lead to the final product: a published blog post.

This technique is not limited to blog post generation. It can be applied to any task that requires multiple steps to complete, making it a versatile tool in AI programming.
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