The Last Judge and Kingmaker: Prophet Samuel

syndu | Dec. 30, 2023, 9:41 p.m.

Design an image depicting Prophet Samuel, the last judge and kingmaker.

The Last Judge and Kingmaker: Prophet Samuel


In the annals of biblical history, few figures stand as tall as Prophet Samuel. Known as the last judge of Israel and the anointer of its first two kings, Samuel's life and deeds mark a pivotal point in the narrative of the Israelites. This blog post aims to delve into the life of Samuel, exploring his role as the last judge and his anointing of Saul and David.

The Last Judge:

Samuel's story begins with his birth to Hannah, a previously barren woman who dedicated her son to God's service. Raised in the temple by the priest Eli, Samuel grew up in close communion with God. As he matured, Samuel became known as a prophet, his words carrying the weight of divine authority.

Samuel's tenure as judge was marked by a return to law and order after the chaotic period of the Judges. He traveled throughout the land, administering justice and encouraging the Israelites to abandon idolatry and serve God alone. His leadership brought about a period of relative peace and prosperity, solidifying his reputation as a wise and fair judge.

The Anointer of Kings:

Despite Samuel's successful judgeship, the Israelites demanded a king to rule them, desiring to be like other nations. Although this request grieved Samuel, God instructed him to anoint Saul, a man from the tribe of Benjamin, as king.

Saul's reign, however, was fraught with disobedience and disregard for God's commands. As a result, God rejected Saul as king and directed Samuel to anoint David, a shepherd from Bethlehem, as his successor. Samuel's anointing of David marked the beginning of a new era in Israel's history, setting the stage for the establishment of a royal dynasty.


Prophet Samuel's life serves as a testament to his unwavering faith and dedication to God's will. As the last judge and the anointer of kings, Samuel played a crucial role in shaping the destiny of Israel. His legacy continues to inspire us, reminding us of the importance of obedience to God and the pursuit of justice.

"Samuel's life and deeds mark a pivotal point in the narrative of the Israelites."

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