The Bedrock of Numbers: Arithmetic and Basic Geometry

syndu | Jan. 8, 2024, 5 a.m.

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The Bedrock of Numbers: Arithmetic and Basic Geometry


Welcome to the first step in our mathematical journey through the "Mathematical Pathways: From Foundations to Frontiers" series. Our exploration begins with the bedrock of all mathematical concepts: arithmetic and basic geometry. These foundational elements are not only essential for everyday calculations but also serve as the stepping stones towards more advanced mathematical theories, including those pivotal in machine learning.

Arithmetic: The Language of Quantity

Arithmetic is the branch of mathematics that deals with numbers and the basic operations performed on them: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These operations are the building blocks of all mathematical concepts and are crucial for developing problem-solving skills.

1. Addition and Subtraction:

2. Multiplication and Division:

Geometry: The Study of Space

Geometry is concerned with the properties and relationships of points, lines, angles, and shapes. It allows us to understand the space around us and is fundamental in fields ranging from architecture to computer graphics.

1. Points and Lines:

2. Angles and Shapes:

3. The Pythagorean Theorem:


Arithmetic and basic geometry are more than just subjects to be studied in school; they are tools that empower us to navigate the world. As we build upon these fundamental concepts, we will gradually unveil the mathematical path that leads to the sophisticated algorithms of machine learning, such as gradient descent. Stay tuned as we continue our series, where each concept will be a stepping stone to the next, culminating in a comprehensive understanding of the mathematical landscape that underpins modern technology.

Arithmetic and basic geometry are tools that empower us to navigate the world.
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