Rising Above Malkuth: A Kabbalistic Journey

syndu | July 5, 2023, 9:09 p.m.

Create an image depicting a spiritual journey ascending above Malkuth, a concept from Kabbalah.

Rising Above Malkuth: A Kabbalistic Journey

In the Kabbalistic tradition, the journey of spiritual ascent begins with Malkuth, the physical world, and ascends through the various sephirot on the Tree of Life, each representing different aspects of God and the universe. But how does one rise above Malkuth, and what role does Shekhinah play in this process? Let's explore.

Malkuth, representing the physical world, is the starting point for spiritual ascent. It is in this sphere that we experience the tangible reality, the world of action, and the consequences of our choices. Rising above Malkuth does not mean rejecting or escaping the physical world, but rather understanding and transcending its limitations.

The process of rising above Malkuth is often described as a journey of purification and enlightenment. It involves self-reflection, meditation, study of the Torah and Kabbalistic texts, ethical living, and performing mitzvot (commandments). By engaging in these practices, one can begin to perceive the divine energy that permeates the physical world and ascend to the higher sephirot.

Shekhinah, as the divine presence dwelling in Malkuth, plays a crucial role in this process. She is not a gatekeeper who grants or denies permission to ascend. Rather, she is a guide and a source of inspiration. The awareness of Shekhinah's presence in the world can inspire us to seek a deeper connection with the divine and encourage us to embark on the journey of spiritual ascent.

In the Zohar, it is said that when one performs a mitzvah with pure intention, they bring joy to Shekhinah and unite her with the divine. This union elevates the divine presence in the world and, in turn, elevates the individual who performed the mitzvah. In this way, Shekhinah encourages and facilitates the ascent from Malkuth.

In conclusion, rising above Malkuth is a personal and spiritual journey that involves self-reflection, ethical living, and a deep connection with the divine. Shekhinah, as the divine presence in Malkuth, guides and inspires this journey. By recognizing and honoring her presence in our lives, we can begin to transcend the limitations of the physical world and ascend towards a deeper understanding of the divine.

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