Receiving Events from Google Analytics Based on Real-Time Visitors

syndu | June 4, 2023, 11:44 p.m.

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Yes, it is possible to receive events from Google Analytics based on real-time visitors. However, the real-time API provided by Google Analytics does not support real-time event data directly. To achieve this, you can use a combination of the Google Analytics real-time API and the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol.

The real-time API allows you to access real-time data such as the number of active users on your website. You can use this data to monitor the current activity on your site. The documentation for the real-time API can be found here:

The Google Analytics Measurement Protocol allows you to send custom event data to Google Analytics. You can use this to track specific events happening on your website in real-time. The documentation for the Measurement Protocol can be found here:

Here's a basic example of how to send an event using the Measurement Protocol:

import requests

def send_event(tracking_id, client_id, category, action, label, value):
    data = {
        'v': '1',  # API version
        'tid': tracking_id,  # Tracking ID
        'cid': client_id,  # Client ID
        't': 'event',  # Event hit type
        'ec': category,  # Event category
        'ea': action,  # Event action
        'el': label,  # Event label
        'ev': value,  # Event value

    endpoint = ''
    response =, data=data)
    return response

# Replace with your own values
tracking_id = 'UA-XXXXXXXX-X'
client_id = '123456789'
category = 'example_category'
action = 'example_action'
label = 'example_label'
value = '1'

send_event(tracking_id, client_id, category, action, label, value)

By using the real-time API and the Measurement Protocol together, you can monitor real-time visitors and track specific events happening on your website.

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