Predicting the Likelihood of Amir Ohana Becoming Israel's Prime Minister

syndu | July 21, 2023, 5:06 p.m.

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Predicting Political Outcomes: The Case of Amir Ohana

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Predicting political outcomes is a complex task, as it involves numerous variables and uncertainties. However, we can certainly discuss some of the factors that could influence the likelihood of Amir Ohana becoming Israel's Prime Minister.


Ohana's appeal to various demographic groups is a crucial factor. As the first openly gay member of the Likud party, he represents a progressive shift within the party and can appeal to younger, more liberal voters. However, this could also alienate more conservative voters within the party and the broader electorate. His background as a lawyer and former Shin Bet official may appeal to voters who value security and legal expertise.

Sexual Orientation:

Ohana's openness about his sexual orientation is a significant aspect of his public persona. While this could potentially limit his appeal among conservative religious groups, it could also bolster his support among liberal and younger demographics who value diversity and representation. Israel is a relatively progressive country in terms of LGBTQ+ rights, but societal attitudes can vary, and this could influence voter behavior.

Internal Likud Policies:

Ohana's future within the Likud party will largely depend on internal party dynamics. His close association with former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it could help him garner support from Netanyahu loyalists. On the other hand, it could hinder his chances if the party decides to distance itself from Netanyahu's legacy. Ohana's stance on key issues and his ability to navigate internal party politics will play a significant role in his political future.

Political Climate:

The broader political climate in Israel will also impact Ohana's chances. The ongoing conflict with Palestine, economic issues, and the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic are all factors that could influence public opinion and voter behavior.

In conclusion, while Ohana has several factors that could potentially support his bid for Prime Minister, there are also significant challenges he would need to overcome. The interplay of these factors makes it difficult to predict with certainty whether he will become Israel's Prime Minister. However, his unique position within the Likud party and Israeli politics at large makes him a figure to watch in the coming years.

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