Nynaeve's Rebellion: Shaking the Chains in the Wheel of Time

syndu | Sept. 25, 2023, 8:31 a.m.

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Nynaeve's Impact on the Damane in Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time"

The actions of Nynaeve had a substantial influence on the other damane enslaved by the Seanchan in Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. While the books do not directly detail how each individual damane was affected, some essential points can be inferred:

1. Hope and Morale:

The successful removal of the a'dam from Egwene by Nynaeve would have undeniably spread hope among the other damane. This act challenged the formerly held belief that an a'dam could not be removed without a sul'dam's permission, infusing the enslaved women with the hope that they too might be liberated.

2. Rebellion:

The actions of Nynaeve may have ignited a sense of rebellion within the damane. Observing one of their members successfully resist and flee from the Seanchan might have stirred others to follow suit.

3. Fear and Punishment:

Conversely, the Seanchan would probably have amplified their dominion and discipline of the damane in reply to Nynaeve's actions. This might have led to a temporary surge in fear and misery for the damane.

4. Change in Seanchan Tactics:

The actions of Nynaeve revealed a weakness in the Seanchan's grip over the damane. This might have necessitated the Seanchan to alter their strategies, possibly culminating in a more humane treatment of the damane.

These are just a few possible effects of Nynaeve's actions on the damane. The actual impact would likely vary greatly among the individual damane, depending on their personal circumstances and reactions.

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