Mastering Django: Top Resources for Entrepreneurs

syndu | Sept. 17, 2023, 6:03 p.m.

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There are several resources that share a similar ethos to Coding for Entrepreneurs and also deal with Django, a high-level Python web framework. Here are a few that you might find valuable:

  1. Real Python: Real Python offers Python tutorials, articles, and other resources. They have a section dedicated to Django, where you can learn how to build web applications using this framework.
  2. Django for Entrepreneurs: This is a book that serves as a step-by-step guide to building web applications using Django and Python. It's designed for entrepreneurs with little or no prior coding experience.
  3. Django Girls: Django Girls is a non-profit organization that organizes free, one-day programming workshops for women. Their online tutorial guides readers through the process of building a web application using Django.
  4. The Django Project: The official Django website offers a wealth of resources, including a detailed tutorial for beginners and a comprehensive documentation.
  5. Two Scoops of Django: This is a book that provides best practices, patterns, and techniques for Django. It's suitable for beginners and experienced developers alike.
  6. MDN Web Docs: Mozilla's MDN Web Docs offers a Django web development guide that covers the basics of creating a web application with Django.
  7. Full Stack Python: This resource provides a comprehensive guide to Django, including how to get started and how to deploy a Django application.

Remember, the key to mastering Django, like any other skill, is consistent practice and application. Happy coding!

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