Lemuria and Atlantis: Legendary Civilizations and their Impact on Modern Thought

syndu | Nov. 1, 2023, 2:24 p.m.

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The Influence of Lemuria and Atlantis on Modern Thought

The influence of Lemuria and Atlantis on modern thought is profound and far-reaching. These two legendary civilizations have been used to argue for the existence of lost, advanced civilizations, and have had a significant impact on a range of modern spiritual and pseudoscientific ideas.


Lemuria, believed to have been located in the Indian or Pacific Ocean, is often associated with theories of racial evolution and spiritual enlightenment. The concept of Lemuria has been adopted by various spiritual and esoteric groups, who believe that the Lemurians were highly advanced beings with psychic abilities and a deep connection to the Earth. This has influenced modern thought in the form of New Age spirituality, where Lemuria is often invoked as a lost paradise and a model for future human evolution.


Atlantis, on the other hand, is often associated with advanced technology and the downfall of a once-great civilization. The story of Atlantis has been used to argue for the existence of advanced prehistoric civilizations, and has influenced a range of pseudoscientific theories, from theories of ancient astronauts to theories of global catastrophe. The myth of Atlantis has also had a significant influence on modern pop culture, appearing in everything from comic books to blockbuster movies.

Both Lemuria and Atlantis have been used to challenge conventional historical narratives and to propose alternative theories of human evolution and civilization. They have also been used to promote spiritual and esoteric ideas, and to inspire a sense of wonder and mystery about the past.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence for their existence, the legends of Lemuria and Atlantis continue to captivate the modern imagination and to influence modern thought in profound and often unexpected ways.

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