Exploring the Wisdom of the I-Ching: Hexagrams 25-32

syndu | Oct. 26, 2023, 9:06 a.m.

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Exploring the Wisdom of the I-Ching: Hexagrams 25-32


In our ongoing exploration of the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching, we now turn our attention to hexagrams 25 to 32. These hexagrams offer profound insights into the nature of change and the human condition, providing guidance for personal growth and spiritual development.

Hexagram 25 - Wu Wang (Innocence)

Wu Wang represents the state of pure innocence and spontaneity that is in perfect harmony with the Tao. It teaches us the importance of maintaining sincerity and integrity in all our actions.

Hexagram 26 - Ta Ch'u (The Taming Power of the Great)

This hexagram symbolizes the power of inner strength and the benefits of self-discipline. It encourages us to cultivate our inner virtues to achieve great things.

Hexagram 27 - I (Nourishment)

I speaks to the concept of spiritual and physical nourishment. It reminds us to feed our souls with wisdom and our bodies with proper care.

Hexagram 28 - Ta Kuo (Preponderance of the Great)

Ta Kuo warns of situations that are out of balance or excessive. It advises us to restore balance and avoid extremes.

Hexagram 29 - K'an (The Abysmal Water)

K'an represents dangerous situations and the necessity of caution. It teaches us to navigate life's challenges with wisdom and resilience.

Hexagram 30 - Li (The Clinging, Fire)

Li symbolizes the power of clarity and insight. It encourages us to seek truth and enlightenment.

Hexagram 31 - Hsien (Influence)

Hsien represents the power of attraction. It speaks to the importance of mutual influence and connection in our relationships.

Hexagram 32 - Heng (Duration)

Heng teaches us about the enduring nature of certain principles and the value of consistency and perseverance.


Through the wisdom of hexagrams 25 to 32, the I-Ching guides us on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. As we continue to explore these ancient symbols, we learn valuable lessons about life, relationships, and our place in the universe.

Remember, the I-Ching is not just a book, but a living, breathing oracle that speaks to the human experience. As we delve deeper into its wisdom, we find that its teachings are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago.

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