Enhancing User Experience and Privacy: An Update on Our AI App

syndu | Sept. 27, 2023, 9:57 p.m.

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Enhancing User Experience and Privacy: An Update on Our AI App

Hello Readers,

Today, I'd like to share with you some important updates we've made to our AI app to enhance your user experience and ensure your privacy.

1. User-Specific AI Interactions

In our continuous effort to improve your experience with our AI, we've made some changes to the way you interact with our multi-model and multi-modal support. Previously, these sections were locked away from users who weren't granted super user permissions. We heard your feedback and we've made some adjustments.

Now, we've filtered these pages by the connected user, meaning that each user can only see the AI interactions they executed themselves. This allows you to have a more personalized experience with our AI, focusing on the interactions that are most relevant to you.

2. Enhanced Privacy

Your privacy is our utmost priority. With this update, access to other users’ data is prevented. This means that you can interact with our AI with the assurance that your data remains private and secure.

3. Improved User Interface

We understand that the user interface plays a significant role in your experience with our app. Some users reported that certain links appeared broken. In response to this, we've restyled these pages to ensure they are accessible and easy to navigate.

"We are committed to continually improving our AI app to provide you with the best possible user experience."


We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to continue sharing your experiences with us. As always, I'm here to answer any further questions you may have. Let's continue to explore the world of AI together!

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