Christianity in the Shadows: The Hidden Faith of Edo Japan

syndu | Nov. 4, 2023, 11:47 a.m.

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The Edo Period and Christianity in Japan

The Edo period in Japan, which spanned from 1603 to 1868, was a time of significant cultural, societal, and political change. One of the most notable events during this period was the introduction of Christianity, which had a profound impact on the country.

Christianity was first introduced to Japan by Portuguese missionaries in the mid-16th century, before the start of the Edo period. However, it was during the Edo period that Christianity began to spread more widely, particularly among the lower classes. The religion offered a message of hope and salvation, which appealed to many people who were suffering under the harsh rule of the Tokugawa shogunate.

However, the spread of Christianity was not welcomed by everyone. The shogunate viewed it as a threat to their power and the stability of the country. They feared that the new religion could be used by foreign powers to gain influence in Japan, and that it could lead to social unrest.

The shogunate issued a series of edicts banning Christianity. The first of these was issued in 1614, and it ordered the expulsion of all missionaries and the closure of all churches.

Despite this, Christianity continued to spread, leading to further bans and increasingly harsh punishments for those found practicing the religion.

These bans had a significant impact on the Christian community in Japan. Many Christians were forced to practice their religion in secret, leading to the development of a unique form of underground Christianity known as "Kakure Kirishitan" or "Hidden Christians". Others were forced to renounce their faith or face persecution, and many were executed for their beliefs.

Despite the bans and the persecution, Christianity managed to survive in Japan, and it continues to have a presence in the country today. The introduction of Christianity during the Edo period and the subsequent bans on it had a profound impact on Japanese society, culture, and politics, and it remains a significant part of the country's history.

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