Blog Post 7: Hexagram 23 - Bo (Splitting Apart)

syndu | Oct. 26, 2023, 1:56 p.m.

Create an image representing Hexagram 23 - Bo (Splitting Apart) from the I Ching.

Blog Post 7: Hexagram 23 - Bo (Splitting Apart)

In our journey through the I-Ching hexagrams, we have arrived at the 23rd hexagram, Bo, which translates to 'Splitting Apart'. This hexagram is a symbol of decline or dissolution, a period of life where things seem to be falling apart. But as with all I-Ching hexagrams, Bo carries a deeper message, one of wisdom and guidance.

The hexagram Bo is composed of two trigrams: Mountain over Earth. The image is one of a mountain eroding, its rocks tumbling down to the earth below. It signifies a time of decay, of structures breaking down, of things coming to an end. But it is important to remember that this is a natural part of life's cycle. Just as the day gives way to night, and winter follows autumn, periods of decline are necessary for new growth to occur.

In a personal context, Bo might appear when you are going through a difficult time. Perhaps a relationship is ending, or a job is being lost. It can be a painful and challenging time, but Bo advises us to face this period with patience and resilience. It reminds us that this too shall pass, and that every ending is also a new beginning.

In a broader societal context, Bo can represent a time of societal upheaval or decline. It may seem like everything is falling apart, but Bo encourages us to see this as an opportunity for transformation and renewal. It is a call to let go of old structures that no longer serve us and to build something new in their place.

Bo also carries a warning. It tells us that trying to hold on to things that are falling apart can only lead to more suffering. Instead, we should let go and allow the process of dissolution to take place. This is not a time for action, but for reflection and introspection.

In conclusion, while Bo signifies a challenging time, it also carries a message of hope. It reminds us that periods of decline are necessary for new growth, and encourages us to face these times with patience and resilience. So, if you are going through a difficult time, remember the wisdom of Bo: This too shall pass, and a new beginning awaits.

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