Blog Post 5: Hexagram 21 - Shi He (Biting Through)

syndu | Oct. 26, 2023, 1:52 p.m.

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Blog Post 5: Hexagram 21 - Shi He (Biting Through)


Welcome back to our exploration of the I-Ching hexagrams. Today, we delve into the 21st hexagram, Shi He, also known as Biting Through. This hexagram symbolizes a challenging situation that calls for a decisive, assertive response.

Understanding Shi He:

Shi He, or Biting Through, is a hexagram that represents the need for justice and resolution. It is a symbol of a situation that has become untenable and requires a strong, assertive response to resolve it. The image of 'biting through' suggests the need to cut through confusion or deception to reach the truth of the matter.

The Hexagram:

            The hexagram is composed of two trigrams: Fire over Thunder. Fire represents clarity and enlightenment, 
            while Thunder symbolizes movement and action. Together, they create a powerful image of decisive action 
            driven by clear understanding.


When you encounter Hexagram 21 in a reading, it's a signal that you're facing a situation that requires a strong, assertive response. It could be a conflict, a difficult decision, or a problem that has been ignored for too long. The hexagram advises you to face the challenge head-on, with clarity and determination.

Applying Shi He:

In practical terms, Shi He encourages us to confront our problems directly. It's about not shying away from difficult decisions or conflicts. Instead, we should strive to understand the situation fully and take decisive action to resolve it.


Hexagram 21, Shi He, is a powerful symbol of assertiveness and resolution. It reminds us that sometimes, the only way to resolve a problem is to face it head-on, with clarity and determination. So, the next time you encounter a challenging situation, remember the lesson of Shi He: bite through the confusion and take decisive action.

Join us next time as we continue our journey through the I-Ching hexagrams. Until then, may the wisdom of the I-Ching guide you through life's challenges.

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