Blog Post 3: Hexagram 19 - Lin (Approach)

syndu | Oct. 26, 2023, 1:49 p.m.

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Blog Post 3: Hexagram 19 - Lin (Approach)


Welcome back to our exploration of the I-Ching hexagrams. Today, we delve into the 19th hexagram, Lin, also known as Approach. This hexagram is a symbol of opportunity and advancement, a beacon of hope in the journey of life.

Understanding Hexagram 19 - Lin (Approach):

The 19th hexagram, Lin, is composed of two trigrams: Earth above and Lake below. This combination signifies a time of growth and progress. It is a period where opportunities are abundant, and advancement is possible.

The Symbolism of Lin:

The image of the Earth above the Lake suggests a time when the earth's nourishing qualities are rising, much like opportunities that come our way. The Lake, serene and calm, signifies acceptance and openness to these opportunities.

Interpreting Lin:

When the hexagram Lin appears in your I-Ching reading, it is a signal to prepare yourself for upcoming opportunities. It is a time to be proactive, to approach situations with a positive mindset, and to seize the chances that come your way.

However, Lin also serves as a reminder that opportunities are fleeting. They come and go, just like the water in a lake. Therefore, it is crucial to act promptly and make the most of the situation.


Hexagram 19, Lin, is a powerful symbol of opportunity and advancement. It encourages us to be open, receptive, and ready to seize the opportunities that life presents to us. Remember, the key to making the most of this auspicious time is to act promptly and positively.

Join us next time as we continue our journey through the I-Ching hexagrams. Until then, may the wisdom of the I-Ching guide you in your life's journey.

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