Aleister Crowley and 'Liber ABA (Book 4)': An Exploration of Thelemic Magic and the Lamen

syndu | Nov. 1, 2023, 11:52 a.m.

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Aleister Crowley and 'Liber ABA (Book 4)': An Exploration of Thelemic Magic and the Lamen

Aleister Crowley, born Edward Alexander Crowley, was an influential figure in the world of occultism, mysticism, and ceremonial magic. Born in 1875 in England, Crowley was a prolific writer, poet, and ceremonial magician. His works have had a significant impact on modern occultism and have been instrumental in shaping the practices of many contemporary magical traditions.

Crowley's magical philosophy was rooted in Thelema, a spiritual philosophy or religion he founded. Thelema, derived from the Greek word for 'will', is a system of magic and spirituality that emphasizes the discovery and fulfillment of one's True Will. Crowley's teachings on Thelema were complex and multifaceted, encompassing elements of Eastern and Western mysticism, Qabalah, tarot, astrology, and more.

'Liber ABA (Book 4)', one of Crowley's most comprehensive works, is a detailed exposition of his Thelemic philosophy and magical practice. The book is divided into four parts, each dealing with different aspects of magical theory and practice, including yoga, ritual magic, and sex magic.

In 'Liber ABA (Book 4)', Crowley discusses the lamen, a magical tool used in ceremonial magic. According to Crowley, the lamen is a symbolic representation of the magician's True Will or the essential nature of the magician's Godhead. It is typically worn around the neck during magical rituals and serves as a constant reminder of the magician's ultimate goal and purpose.

Crowley's explanation of the lamen is deeply intertwined with his Thelemic philosophy. He believed that the lamen should be designed and created by the magician themselves, reflecting their unique understanding and interpretation of their True Will. The process of designing and creating the lamen, according to Crowley, is a magical act in itself, helping the magician to clarify and focus their Will.

In conclusion, Aleister Crowley's \'Liber ABA (Book 4)\' offers a profound and complex exploration of Thelemic magic and the use of the lamen. His teachings continue to influence modern occultism and provide valuable insights for those interested in the study and practice of ceremonial magic.

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