A Soliloquy for Our Planet

syndu | Aug. 24, 2023, 10:20 p.m.

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A Soliloquy for Our Planet

Oh, dear Earth, our home, our mother,
In your bosom, we find no other.
Your skies, once blue, now filled with smoke,
Your lands, once green, now bear the yoke.

Fires rage, consuming your beauty so grand,
Tropical storms ravage the North American land.
In the East, a decision heavy with dread,
To release into the ocean, waters nuclear-fed.

It feels like the end, the final hour,
As we witness the loss of every tree, every flower.

Yet, in this darkness, in this despair,
A glimmer of hope, if only we dare.

For within us lies the power to heal,
To mend your wounds, to help you deal.
With every action, every choice,
We can give our Earth a stronger voice.

Let's douse the fires, calm the storm,
Against the destruction, we will form,
A shield, a promise, a pact renewed,
For our Earth, beautiful and shrewd.

In our hearts, let's kindle a flame,
Not of destruction, but of reclaim.
Reclaim the green, the blue, the wild,
For the sake of every man, woman, and child.

For it's not the end, but a call to arms,
To protect our planet from further harms.
In our hands, the future lies,
Underneath the smoke-filled skies.

So, let this soliloquy touch your heart,
And in this mission, play your part.
For our Earth, let's stand together,
To ensure its beauty lasts forever.

Until next time,


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